Otaku Changes Suggestion Box

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Otaku Changes Suggestion Box

Postby RAWowner333 » Wed Feb 23, 2011 12:16 pm

Our club president made an announcement that he wishes to see some changes to the club. This could mean anything like what we show, how we show, when we show, when we meet, outside of screening meetings,how the club is run, etc. ANYTHING that pops in you head that YOU'D like to see improved or just see period, this will go here.

Don't be afraid, this forum is open to EVERYONE and to any serious suggestion. Please let your opinion be heard.
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Re: Otaku Changes Suggestion Box

Postby VeGGiE » Wed Feb 23, 2011 4:05 pm

I would like to find activities or a place to go after 10 P.M. when we have to leave scraft.

I would like to see otaku more involved with things outside of every other sat.
Maybe a bowling night, pool night, lazer tag tuesdays, paintballing, going clubbing, a day where the club goes see a movie at amc 20, or bumper cars once a month.

Marvel v. capcom 3 just came out. It would be nice to have a tourny.

Are we allowed to make use of the popcorn machine?

That one kid who brings kinect is really cool, hopefully he brings more games when they come out. Maybe he should throw a dance off or a kinect sports tournament.

To be honest, I think the announcements are pretty wild and people need to chill when the president is talking.

We should have an art contest to see who can draw the best anime. Any kind of fan art that club members make would be very cool to see.

Re: Otaku Changes Suggestion Box

Postby sabokappa » Sun Apr 03, 2011 10:59 pm

^ Ooh! New peeps! xDD LOL nice to see others here on teh lovely forum ^.^ I'm Colleen & teh resident spammer-- albeit slacking.. And I definitely agree with your suggestions~~~ It sucks having to leave at 10, but obviously, understandable on part of the school... Having other things afterwards would be awesome~~

hmm~ we've thought of various "theme" nights/ outings previously~ like, via the "suggestion box" and "event planning" threads-- we've thought of quite a few ideas-- mostly all left, not to fruition ^^;; but~~ hmm~ we've gone out to see a couple movies awhile ago.. OH! Also, last summer, or even the one before.. idk.. time flies o__O We all went to Dave & Buster's as a little outing-- it was fun ^^ I think it maybe in the works again?? idk

IDT we're allowed to use the popcorn machine.. student activities pplz are pretty difficult to deal with and hate otaku.. lol If we were, I think we would've by now XD

Input and ideas are always sweet and welcomed! :)
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