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General Info

We meet on the last and third from last Saturday of each month (holidays and college closings permitting) from 5pm to 10pm. Showings are always free; we can't charge admission because we're showing copyrighted material.

Mostly at screenings we show anime (fancy that, eh?), but at about 7:30 there's an intermission with Anime Music Videos and a raffle. Raffle prizes include volumes of manga, anime DVDs, wallscrolls, action figures... shiny things have caught our staffers' eyes. Three prizes per raffle. You can win once. People spending more than $10 on tickets can win more than once. We try to be both fair and appreciative of our big supporters. ^_^;

Children attending should be at least 16 years old or accompanied by an adult. We try to show anime that wouldn't receive more than a PG-13 rating, occasionally there are mature themes.

Where we meet

Schoolcraft College
18600 Haggerty Road
Livonia, MI 48152
(734) 462-4400

We meet on the Livonia campus, in the lower level of the Waterman Campus Center, which nowadays is the old section of the VisTaTech Center. Schoolcraft's maps page can show you how to find us. If you prefer your maps click-and-draggable, then Google Maps will be happy to oblige.

How we schedule

Starting in April of 2009 we're using a new method of scheduling: show four episodes total of any particular series, then start something new. (We still show two episodes of any one series per night.)

If you like a series, you can vote to keep screening it on the "Save My Anime!" list at the Otaku table. Five votes gets four more episodes. Results are posted after each screening, on the front page and to a thread in the "Random" forum . You could vote in the forum thread too, if you missed the sheet at the screening.

Food for sale

We can't charge admission, so we sell stuff to support the club. We continue to exist only through your much-appreciated support and our own stubbornness. Last call for pizza orders is about 7:00pm, and it usually comes sometime between 7:30 and 8:00.

Pocky $3 / box
$4 for fancy varieties
Hi-Chew $1.50
Other Japanese candy As marked
Pizza $10 for a whole pizza, one topping
$2 / slice
We also have a menu for our pizza place handy;
you can order anything else from it that you want.
Raffle tickets $0.50 each (non-edible, unless you're Bart)

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