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We hold special events at certain screenings. The showings at which these events occur are approximate. There is generally a contest for best-dressed (or best gamer) at each event, with prizes for the winners. Watch the front-page announcements for specific dates and details.

Goth Valentines

Happens at the first February showing. Show us your best goth! This event is not only just for fun, but also for prizes. There is a contest, sign up at the staff table to participate. Voting happens during intermission. There is not, of course, a rule about looking like an anime character. Dress up as you wish, as you do NOT have to participate in the contest.

Halloween Cosplay Contest

The Cosplay Contest happens at the second October showing. There's an open vote for the best costume, and the winners net prizes like gift certificates for Comic City, cash, or something similar. To enter, just talk to anyone on staff (usually someone selling pocky and/or sitting by the cash box) and get your name on the list of contestants. The contest starts during intermission, roughly halfway through the screening. We'll make an announcement and round up everyone.

The rules:

  1. You must be a recognizable character from anime, manga, a video game, or Japanese pop culture
  2. Please put some effort into your costumes. No cosplay that was thrown together in five minutes; it's not fair to people who spend a lot of time on their costumes. This is determined at staff discretion.
  3. Prop weapons only (no live steel, staffs, whips, etc)
  4. Nothing too revealing

If you don't want to participate, you're still welcome to cosplay!

Christmas Fighting Game Tournament and pizza party

The party, in part to celebrate the club's birthday, happens at the second December showing. Free pizza and pop for everyone!

We also hold a fighting game tournament with prizes. To participate, talk to any of the staff at the pocky table, and get your name on the contestant list (and sign our sign-in sheet too, if you forgot). The contest is usually held at the end of intermission, in the middle of the screening. We'll make an announcement and gather the contestants.

You'll compete in a best of three, single-elimination tournament for prizes like Comic City gift certificates, cash, and anime stuff. What game we play is usually determined by vote in the months leading up to the tournament, like in the 2006 poll.

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