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Stuff that the club needs doing:

  • Design an OtakuAnime t-shirt! We want to make some t-shirts and have a place to get them printed, but we need art to put on them first.
  • Write and/or finish writing an anime library/database-browsing and checkout-request script for the website. Jon will get around to this eventually, but it could take quite a while
  • Find us some entertaining AMVs to show during intermission. Or make your own!
  • Contribute information to the collaborative section of the site. See the How To Contribute page for more details.
  • Write something; a JPop column, or an article on Japanese culture, for example.
  • Create a better visual theme for either the main site (a TikiWiki), the forum (a PhpBB), or both.
  • Or BECOME A STAFF MEMBER (hint hint)

Interested in contributing? Drop a line to "staff at otakuanime.org", or any of the individual staff members listed on the The Staff page.

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