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About the OtakuAnime forums

Sorry, this is confusing: the forums run on a PhpBB, separate from the main site. You can post there anonymously, but if you want to use advanced features, then you'll need to register an account on the forums (which is separate from the main site!). For that the webmaster apologizes (seems like everyone has a million logins nowadays, doesn't it?).

About the OtakuAnime Tiki

The main OtakuAnime site is run on a TikiWiki, which lets us do things similarly to Wikipedia, where everyone can edit the actual text of the website. We're slightly different, however, in that you need an account on our site in order to edit pages, and that only the pages in the Collaborate section are open to public modification. (We keep the pages about the club locked because, y'know, once they're written, there's little enough need to change them.)

Here is the Tiki's login page. (It was removed from the navigational sidebar 'cause it was confusing everyone.)

So you can edit pages. So what? Well, if you know of an excellent website that you'd like to share with people, write up a little description and stick it in the Otaku Web Resources page. Or help build a simple glossary of Japanese words on the Learn Japanese page, or leave suggestions for anime to show on the aptly named Anime To Show page.

These are all the pages you can edit because the webmaster can't think of anything else to do on a site like this that hasn't already been done better elsewhere. If you have an idea, let him know, either by editing an existing page, sending him email, or posting on the forums.

Please be responsible with your edits. Staff can and will reverse useless or offensive changes. By the same token, a disclaimer: Staff cannot guarantee that you won't see something that annoys you.

How to edit pages

  1. Create an account using the blue "Login" box on the left.
  2. Log in
  3. Go to one of the editable pages. On the bottom-left side of the page you'll see an "edit" link. Click that.
  4. Add your edits. See below for more information on TikiWiki's markup format
  5. Click the "save" button at the bottom of the edit box

Problems with registering

You must provide a working email address when you create an account, as a confirmation/account activation email will be sent to that address when you finish registering. The email will come from , so your inbox must be set up to accept messages from that address. If you've missed your confirmation email, check the "Junk" folder if your email service features one. Next, make sure you email service is accepting emails from the address staff@otakuanime.org, and use the Remind Password tool in the login box to re-send an alternate confirmation email.

If you're still having problems, send an email to staff@otakuanime.org from the email address you registered with, mention your username and problem, and we'll get things straightened out.

TikiWiki markup quickstart

Instead of HTML, TikiWiki uses a simplified markup for page layout. There are plenty of examples already in the editable pages. Also, when you're editing a page, you can click the "wiki help" link below the edit box for more extensive help. Finally, here are a couple of examples to get you started.

Surrounding text in ''two single quotes'' makes it italic, and __two underlines__ makes it bold, thus:

italics, bold

You can make bulleted lists by starting several new lines with an asterisk (*), or numbered lists by using the pound sign (#).

* a
* bulleted
* list


  • a
  • bulleted
  • list

# multilpe
## asterisks or
### pound signs

  1. make
    1. multi-level
      1. lists

Putting "!A first-level heading" on a line by itself produces:

A first-level heading

Use "!!A second-level heading" or "!!!third-level" for smaller sub-headings

Link to other pages on the Tiki by putting the name of the page in ((two sets of parens)). ((Learn Japanese)) produces:

Learn Japanese

Link to external websites by using [brackets]. [http://www.anidb.info] gives


You can add descriptions to either type of link by putting the name or address first, then a pipe ("|", which is shift-backslash, usually the key above the "enter" key), then the description. [http://www.anidb.info|AniDB.info] produces:


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