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Editor's note: This page is undergoing revision. We apologize for any inaccuracies or omissions, for the silly profiles we have not yet written, and for any jokes that are not currently funny.

However, we felt it better to have incomplete but current information posted. ;;;^>


President: Leon

  • Job classes: Snack Food Acquisition, Rule Enforcer, Herding Cat(boy)s
  • email: leon at otakuanime dot org
  • Website/Forum Nick: KholdStare

With the ferocity of a typhoon and the body of a nightclub bouncer, Leon has led Otaku Anime as president since January of 2009. He is usually found at the Pocky table, greeting newcomers and making sure the Crunky bars haven't melted...again. Loud, cheeky, and frisky, Leon has a certain way with people that is like no other, which becomes readily apparent during intermission....

Vice-President: Jon

  • Job classes: Anime series scheduling, Websparrow, running about frantically
  • email: jon at otakuanime dot org
  • Website/Form Nick: JayRandom

Jon is long-haired and almost incredibly tall (Bird is taller). Timid, he can often be found huddled behind the projector at showings. He also has a unique--some would say unprofessional, bordering on psychotic--writing style, and is the one to blame for most of the content on the site thus far (forums, JPop reviews, and Keith's Blog not withstanding). For this he apologizes, cheerfully.

Jon looks like this when powering up for an attack, and makes his 'netside home at windless.org.

Secretary: Steve

  • Job classes: Pizza Runner, Lovely Raffle Assistant, Pool Cue Inspector

Steve joined our staff in January of 2009, and is one all around cool mutha...shut 'yo mouth!! Always willing to help out where needed, Steve is often either playing billiards or trouncing someone in Magic: The Gathering....when he's not encouraging the drumroll at the raffle.

Treasurer: Chris

  • Job classes: Tech Support, Back-up Projectionist, Purveyor of Randomness

Blond, stocky, and with a commanding presence, our treasurer Chris has a booming voice that can overpower anyone else's...even Leon's...and that takes talent, children! Chris never comes to Otaku without his trusty laptop, and usually finds himself in lots of the photos taken there...

Librarian: Alex

  • Job classes: Printmaster, Keeper of the Anime, Glompasaurus

Rounding out our officers is Alex, a six-foot-tall bundle of high energy, fueled by sugar packets! Often found, well, all over the place, Alex is our most affectionate staffer, and the most likely to end up trying to pick someone up off the ground that's twice his size.


In alphabetical order.


  • Job classes: J-music expert, Kiyoharu fangirl

Colleen writes our Jpop Reviews and spams the forums with creepy-cute things, thereby making the world a brighter place.


  • Job classes: Cash Box Wench

Our newest staffer! She plays the cash box wench at screenings, is very amused by her title, and has been poking at us old fuddy-duddies, trying to get us to do more work on the club. Let's all wish her luck!

This is her old profile but I am late and it is tired (...wait...) and so for now it stays.


  • Job classes: Special Forces
  • Former Position: President
  • Website/Form Nick: Phelen

Oh once he was the King of Spain, now he's but a humble staffer.

Keith has long since returned from a sabbatical in Japan, but his Japan Trip Blog lives on, hoping that no passing Miko sends it on to it's final repose. As of December 2008 he has also stepped down from being president. Sometimes called Jesus the Viking.


We are always appreciative when people help us out. See the Get Involved page for an idea of what needs doing.

Former Staff

In an explosion of ancient VHS fansubs, the club's second-generation staff stepped down at our December 2008 year-end party (with the exception of Jon, who doesn't know what's good for him). They will live on in our hearts! And our Facebooks.

Bart / Trab

  • Job classes: Honorable Lackey Bart!

His job is to do what we tell him to, which often ends up being "entertain us". The man is an expert in his field.

? / Bird

  • Job classes: Enforcer, Big Scary Guy

His real name seems to be a closely-guarded state secret. Curiously, he doesn't think that he is a bird, despite his handle. He is astonishingly tall, and on the occasions that he returns from Capistrano he helps out with the whole "enforcer" bit. I wonder if he even knows he's listed on the Staff page?

Jason / Jay

  • Job classes: Staff, Lightning Elemental

Staff! Unlike Jon, he doesn't think that he is a sparrow. Like Jon, he is a general club lackey. I'm not sure that he appreciates this similarity.

Ryan / Muku

  • Job classes: Enforcer, Forward Linebacker, Generator of Loud and Random Amusement

Built like--and will run into people like--a chibi freight train. Also, luckily, a pretty nice guy.


Hurt when you drop them on your foot. Ow. Ow ow ow. If you have read this far then I owe you a stick of pocky. Not a box, a stick. I'm poor.

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