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清春 (Kiyoharu)
posted by sabokappa on Wed 18 of Mar, 2009 [05:56 UTC]

(..w00t! Just ordered Kiyoharu’s Kuroyume self-cover “Medley” album with Limited-edition t-shirt!!... wahahaahh!! ('▽`).。o…)

Where you might have heard Kiyo-sama before:

• “The Wallflower” (Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge) – “Slow” & “Carnation”. The creator, Tomoko Hayakawa is a HUGE Kiyoharu fan.. I mean, she’s OBSESSED with him! Hee hee… Yeah, and Hayakawa-san said all the guy characters in the manga (i.e. Kyouhei, Takenaga, all the attractive guys “dazzling creatures”..), were designed after Kiyoharu, even though they may not necessarily look like!! You should read the manga if you haven't, all her little side stories (that most manga artists have) are about her adventures going to various Kiyoharu concerts.., especially check out volume 17, when she finds out Kiyoharu announced he’d do the music to the anime, and then, she met him backstage!! It’s priceless.. and like

• He’s former vocalist to the very popular bands 黒夢(Kuroyume) and サッズ(SADS).. Kuroyume lasted from 1991-1999 and was a visual-kei punk-rock band. SADS, was a post-punk, glam-rock band that lasted from 1999-2003..( I may review these bands at a later date!..)

Genres: Currently, alternative rock, but also has touches of pop ... But, he has also worked with punk, and hard rock influences..

Okay, so I’ll admit it, I myself am a HUGE Kiyoharu fan too.. I’ve always hated boy bands when I’ve been growing up, so I guess this makes up for! I’m just a total fangirl.. I’ve heard of Kiyoharu awhile ago, but recently have gotten real into him, and now I can’t get enough! Despite this, I think I’m still able to objectively judge his music. It’s just something….. something about Kiyo~sama that makes him so irresistible.. (///∇//)♡...Anyways.. back to the musical aspects!!

Kiyoharu’s actual name is 森 清治 (Mori Kiyoji) (soo cute...) oh! I also wonder if he’s related to Mori Chaxx (creator of GLOOMY BEAR)?? Anyways..and he was born October 30th 1968.. jeez! X___o;; I know! He’s so old, but soo doesn’t look it! I think it’s just Asians, they’re lucky and seem to never have to age.. wait.. I’m only 18! What am I worrying about….woops!.. off-topic yet again…

Well, Kiyoharu is a widely known, recognized, and respected musician, it’s just you don’t hear about him that much, as he’s not main-stream, or as socially accepted, as other artists are. He is the man that influenced popular vocalists 京(kyou) of Dir en Grey and ガラ (gara) of メリー (Merry).

And thanks to this Kiyoharu Live Journal Community, that I soo want to join, I see that up until Kiyo’s early 20’s he still just dreamed of being a rockstar, and worked in a video rental store and a love hotel… His musical career started in the 80’s in indie bands, Sus4, and then later Garnet. After Garnet disbanded, he formed 黒夢(Kuroyume). This band had a heavy, dark image, influenced by punk rock. Kuroyume was a “visual-kei” or “visual style” band. Just so you know, “visual kei” is what it is, it just refers to bands that like to have typically “out-there” appearances, if not androgynous... Many VK artists I know of, musically, are as diverse as pop and death metal.. Well, they disbanded, (not officially until January 29th 2009), then Kiyoharu went on to form SADS. SADS first started off sounding like Kuroyume, but evolved into a lighter, but still very energetic band, with a glam-rock feel. After the drummer left the band in 2003, SADS was left into a definite hiatus..Even though there has been a Kuroyume reunion, it’s uncertain if SADS will ever have one..

So, Kiyoharu began creating solo work. And since then, he’s been recognized not just as a vocalist, but also a songwriter and guitarist. He's also a fashion designer with his brands, CHARM CULT & GLAM ADDICTION.. Overall, Kiyoharu’s solo work is much gentler than his previous stuff. His first album being solo, “Poetry” was released in 2004.. now, he’s just as active as ever, constantly working on new songs to the delight of his fans and many, many fangirls!, he’s even been known to work non-stop for 20 hours recording and writing lyrics..I just hope he takes a nice rest every once in a while! .. Currently, he’s working on a new single and new album!! I can’t wait!!!!!!mrgreen

RANDOM-NESS ALERT (But, keep reading!!): I like to check out his blog and see what he’s up to! Check it out yourself! He always uploads pictures of food and his ADORABLE doggy! (lots of jmusicians do this on their blog, just talk about food and animals..hee hee)

Lately, he’s had lots of pics. with him in the recording studio and various Rilakkuma stuffs.. hee hee..

This is Kiyoharu's new blog, as of April '09 >

-Oh! I just saw this video, I HAD to post it!! It’s very very funny and cute how Kiyo is eating backstage at one of his concerts.. (T///T), you can tell he’s thinking so profoundly after each bite, then he just asks “is this curry?” He’s kidding though, he knows it’s<33

-Oh! On another side note: he’s good friends with Justin Davis (his jeweler) and Takanori Nishikawa ( T.M. Revolution & the vocalist of Abingdon boys school…)

-lol.. another side note, he’s known to take naps during interviews.. hee hee!rolleyes oh.. Kiyo~!!<33


Anyways I’ll talk about more specific music aspects of Kiyoharu’s… Well, first of all, he has quite an… original voice.. Personally, I LOVE it, and he has such a cute way it's just soo intoxicating, but other people may think otherwise. His voice has been scratchy and rough in his earlier career, but throughout his solo career, it feels much more gentle and polished, so if people previously disliked his older voice, it’s toned down. But you still get a nice feel of his voice, with the nice “unique-ness” of it..yay! His lyrics tend to stay about sentimental love and videos are usually of elegant images.. His stuff in Kuroyume, especially in SADS, had lustful lyrics and out-there, in your face, videos..

I LOVE both main time periods.. Both are soo lovely, but for different reasons check a little bit of both out!!..

Some (and I mean “some”..) of my favorite songs!! <33


• 光 (Hikari):

This song is soo cool and eerie. It’s really like nothing I’ve EVER heard before... I LOVE the beginning bass, then adding the keyboard (that strongly persists throughout the song, and adds to the eerie/ weird feeling to the song), then, the guitar comes in... This song is just soo...mysterious and nice... Kiyo’s voice adds to the out-there feeling, it’s light and airy, then “constricted”?? at times?.. anyways.. The beat continues to get louder, faster , and heavier around 2:20..

“I long my empty... whatever..I long my empty..whatever...”

There are 2 guitar solos.. then, from 4:50 on, the song starts winding down. Kiyoharu has his ending vocals, with the song starting to fade out, quieting.. It’s a very very great ending.. with a jazzy feel from the guitar..


I LOVE this song!!! I wish Kiyoharu would have more songs like this. The fast beat, the catchy, funky beat is AWESOME! The weird keyboard in the background and the heavy guitar really adds to it, I think this song overall feels “industrial”..

I don’t really care for the video.. I feel like redface ahh! Kiyo's goin' back to his days working at the love hotel for;;’s reminiscent of his SADS days, but... I prefer his surreal/ artistic videos more.. He does look very nice in the video though..(〃∇〃).. oh.. i shouldn't say ̄∇ ̄ ) ;;

• 影絵(Kagee):

See, I really like this video, it’s quite interesting.. The beginning bass is again, GREAT! In these slower, deeper, and more emotional songs, Kiyoharu’s voice is phenomenal, and i LOVE the "huh..huhuhuh.." that he does throughout.. (о^∇^о).. I can’t really describe it, but the feeling just envelops you. Throughout the song the “kush-kush” noise, maybe those stick instrument things.. (wow.. great description.. I know.. sorry..>_< is a nice touch. This is an other excellent, mellow, dreamlike song.

“I believe..I believe..”


YAY!!<3 (ok.. 1st off, the music doesn’t start in the video until 40 secs. Sorry!) Anyways.. this song has a GREAT classic rock feel.. I absolutely love it.. to me, it feels nostalgic, just so familiar.. I also think the video is pretty cute and dumpy.. I laugh when i see it.. When he’s standing around at 1:50 about, for some reason, I just find it real cute and side note: I believe this video was filmed in Vietnam... I heard it somewhere but forgot..oh well..))

• (Melodies is a newer song, but makes me also think of a classic rock feel, but it’s gentler..)

• 星座の夜 (Seiza no yoru):

Hee hee.. Kiyo’s talking at the beginning is so cute.. “hai.. moshi-moshi”! <3 This is a nice, fast-kinda song.. I really get it with the video, it makes me think of traveling or going somewhere.. LOVE the chorus.. it’s real nice..then the great guitar and bass..


• 五月雨(Samidare):

OOOHH!! BIG TIME FAVORITE!!! This song is so lively, and exciting..Listen!!<3 Such spectacular guitar skills..

• And 五月雨 acoustic ver.:

I had to have this version listed too, the acoustic version is SOO’s soo nice!!! LISTEN!! I COMMAND YOU!! Lol...hee hee..(*´∀)ノ⌒£ονе☆…I would just like for Kiyo~sama to stop smoking so dang much.. he does in like every video .. (´_`) … I mean, I completely DESPISE smoking, but Kiyo~ actually makes it look cool, (not that i ever will..) , but i (along with all his other fangirls) worry about his health!!

• 愛撫 (Aibu):

This song begins with a nice, surreal keyboard.. This song feels choppy, celestial, and subterranean at first, then it evolves into this cool rock tune.. It’s a very nice video too..!!

• 輪廻 (Rinne):

OMG!!! This song.. this song,, is SUCH a masterpiece. The soulful guitar.. it has like a reminiscing-feel, it’s truly mesmerizing.. JEEZ! <3.. it’s soo sentimental, beautiful, emotional, and deep.. This song is Kiyoharu’s masterpiece.. This is a tribute to Kiyoharu’s dad as he had recently died of cancer, Rinne means “Sansara”, which is pretty much “reincarnation” as much as I think... Even though Kiyoharu can be a crazy guy, singing lustful lyrics, he also has such an ability to really speak to the soul.. Just beautiful guitar overall..4:07 + BEAUTIFUL guitar solo..

• Loved:

This is Kiyoharu’s latest single and was released Oct. 29th 2008, the day before his 40th birthday, and he even looks younger than he did years ago!! Anyways.. this is such a lovely song.. The beginning keyboard, and the bass, then Kiyoharu singing the one line, then the influx of other instruments is soo...dfggjtrrfsdkseop..GREAT! (≧∇≦)(I’m bad at adjectives..>___>;;) This is song is soo enchanting... At 3 minutes, there’s a great guitar solo.. It’s a little “pop”ier, than his previous stuff, but it has an extremely enjoyable beat and background rhythm. (side note: it seems it’s popular for artists to have churches in their pvs.. and also wearing military covers.. I’ve yet to figure this stuff

As Kiyoharu keeps creating better and better things, each new release is outdoing the last.. it’s AMAZING! Even though I’m just a fangirl, Kiyoharu’s music is top-notch.. otherwise i wouldn’t listen to him!!!! So, I hope this on-going yammering was helpful, but I at least hope it was amusing to read!

MORE COMING!!! W00T!! (ノ'ヮ')人(ヮ`*ヽ) Here's his WONDERFUL OHP:

Have thoughts on the best topic EVER!?!??!?! Post your thoughts here!! razz

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