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しゃしん を とる の おに
posted by Phelen on Tue 17 of Jan, 2006 [23:14 UTC]

Here's a bunch of pictures that I finally have uploaded and ready for your viewing:

First up are a bunch of pictures of Hikone castle (Hikone-jo in japanese).

And here is the same general area (it's actually really near Old-new town yes I had it backwards before) with a look at all the mountains around here.

Next up is a lot of pictures I took during the pot-luck on last Friday:

And here's a picture from the same night. On the left is Scott and on the right is Ken:

Well, that's all my new pictures for now but if you want to see a bunch more, Scott has a site with the pictures he's taken and there are a lot of good ones in there. Check it out at

The rest I usually just ignore..... He is a strange one in the fact that he doesn't like anime, doesn't read manga, and never had any Japanese food before he came to Japan. He's a fairly good programmer, though. And if you couldn't tell, he does go to U 0f M Ann Arbor.

Got to go to class soon, so I'll update again later,


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