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posted by sabokappa on Wed 13 of May, 2009 [00:33 UTC]

Hiya!.. eh.. >< long time no see!..... heh heh.. gomenn...

Okay, I got a new review! (finally..lol) This time, I'm gonna tell you all about the cuteness that is RYTHEM!!razz

Where you might have heard of them before:

  • "Naruto"- they did the adorable ending theme "Harmonia"
  • Deltora Quest- 1st ending song "Sakura Uta" (桜唄)
  • Hamtaro- ending song "Tenkyu" (てんきゅっ) (could be an opening, don't remember..confused)
  • Japan trip advertisement "Aishikata" (アイシカタ)(only used for China and like area)
  • Naoko (2007 Japanese movie) -"Kubisuji Line" (首すじライン )

~~and actually, several other songs were used for various NHK t.v. shows, dramas etc...(I'll stop here!)

Anyways.. Rythem is a pop duo consisting of Member Yui (Yui Nitsu, born August 17th 1985) and Yuka (Yukari Kato, born April 3rd 1985). (oh! and don't check out wikipedia for this one, whoever posted such info. is way wrong..)Yui plays the guitar, while Yuka is on piano. They both sing.. They came to be in the 2002 (while they were still in high school), when there was a Sony music audition, and they won (with their song "Harmonia")!.. and they've been together ever since!

Rythem is in one word: Cute! ..and actually, my 1st actual Jpop cd was their 2nd album "Mugen Factory"(夢現ファクトリー).

Rythem is known primarily for making cute, cheery melodies, and i must say, for the longest time, their primary audience has been wiwl akachans~ lol... They're songs to me, always reminsce of summer, with sweet, positive lyrics (though they may be kinda dumpy, like "i think people were meant to fly" yada yada yada (in keeping with their primary audience of little kids))

Overall, this is how I have come to view Rythem's musical style..

Main Genres..:

  • Overload of cute-sweet pop
  • a little western- feeling vibe ("seishun jidai","hitoritabi shararuran", "like a friend" and others..)
  • and also a little european-feeling vibe (circulate, and pikaso no kyuujitsuピカソの休日.WMA (5.24 Mb) BIG TIME!!)
  • umm... don't really know.. ><

Older (early 2000's) Their album: Utatane

The most "babyish" Rythem. This time is very cute, very dumpy, and all together very enjoyable...lol!lol Their music in this time was the least played around with i guess, and simple. Quite abit of their stuff too has a "western" feel to it, not "western" as in the U.S., lol, but like "cowboys & indians and JD!!" (added that last thing for you kelly!..lol)I find this time to be best for karaoke with very easy choruses and beats.. If you don't like nauseatingly cute music; this is NOT for you!..wink

Oh yeah! i forgot! But one of my cat's "Randy" just LOVES Rythem!!lol..Especially this time period..He just loves listening to it.. little lard-butt, lol...

Mid (2004-2006) Their album: Mugen Factory

Rythem is developing their talent more. This time period has the most overwhelming "summer" feel. Overall, the music is more "intelligent" i guess you could say, with a maturer feel, but they still retain their primary audience (children) feel. In this time period, they began to explore sad ballades and adding more piano and guitar then before. Some notable sadder melodies, "20 tsubu no kokoro", "song for you", "tsuki on usagi".. > these songs are calm, easy listening-type tunes..

Current (2007+) Their album: 23

Rythem feels much more mature, softer, and have developed more complex themes and melodies. It doesn't feel soo cute, but still lovely melodies nonetheless.. The duo has also delved more into heartfelt, sad songs, like "Bitter&Sweet", (which is down right heartbreaking, that I won't listen too..cry) I can't really find this time to be good for karaoke.. I kinda feel some of the songs are unmemorable and just boring.. I do just love "Love Call~ DAISHI DANCE REMIX" though.. It's impossibly ADORABLE! and plus, it's very interesting and GREAT for karaoke biggrin...Oh and their latest single "Love Call", the duo collaborated with the male singing duo "Kimaguren" btw..

I think Rythem is trying to grow out of their purely "child" audience, and trying to show a more mature side, that is more readily accepted by older people. This is a real transistion/ experimental phase for them right now. This is not to say Rythem is losing any of their innocence or cuteness, per se, but they do wanna go on to "bigger and better things" as the cliche goes, i think..

Okay! some favorites!! (I'll try to load music up here, if you don't see any links quite yet, i'm working on it adn/or bugging Jon to help me.. lol..)

Older favs.: Hitoritabi Shararuran一人旅シャラルラン.WMA (5.55 Mb)Harmonia (ハルモニア), Circulate, Seishun Jidai 青春時代.WMA (6.02 Mb) hmm.. the first 2 characters look quite familiar...lol)

Mid Favs.: Mikazuki Rhapsody (三日月ラプソディー), Kiseki キセキ.WMA (5.59 Mb), Negai (願い), Kikyuu ga niji wo koeta hi 気球が虹を越えた日.WMA

Newest Favs.: Like a Friend (like a edison, sorry, but i had to add a little randomness that kelly would appreciate), 東京メトロガール.WMA (4.88 Mb) Tokyo Metro Girl (TOHOKU METRO GIRL!..lol), Bitter & Sweet.WMA (6.06 Mb) Banana Moon (I just LOVE the name of the song as well.razz),, and Hotarubi (蛍火)

Love Call (DAISHI DANCE REMIX).WMA (7.23 Mb) You have to listen to this song!!! It is SOO ADORABLE!!! From the adorable beginning piano through the whole song, it's my favorite Rythem song of all time I think! A total song i'd wanna do for karaoke!!!!!!!!!!biggrinbiggrin (oh, adn GREAT use of the "te" form!!..lol)

Oh.. and also, i don't wanna sound patronizing or anything, but, if you happen to like a band or anything, please buy their music, and don't just download if possible (i have TONS of great music, and i haven't had to download any of it, so it's possible)!!! It helps support the band/ artist/ singer whatever and to continue making great music!!biggrin

Okee! check them out o negai shimasu!!!!mrgreen Here's their adorable OHP: http://www.rythem.info/

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