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posted by sabokappa on Sun 13 of Dec, 2009 [07:26 UTC]

Yo~! Long time no see ^^;;

BUWEAH! Well, school is done for now (mostly.. still got a couple finals).

Aaa~nd... Here's a review for SHOWTA.!! woot! I know, you all have secret crushes on him too!! XDD


Where you might have heard of him before:

...that's about it, but that doesn't at all mean to not check him out!

SHOWTA. was born in August of 1987 and was first discovered in 2004 from the Yamaha teens music festival. Since then, he has been regularly featured on certain television programs and music programs. Last thing I knew he was doing, he was in a stage production of "Fruits Basket". I'm not sure what part, but I can see that happening LOL. He is also usually featured in the teenage girl's magazine, KERA, which is precisely how I found out about him! Seeing him in the magazine, I was kinda intrigued (hello, have you seen him?! eek ...god, he is ADORABLE! *__*) and spontaneously decided to buy his first album "EVE". OMG i'm not at all a spontaneous person and not the type to just spend $30 on an album I haven't even heard, but I'm SO happy I did!! biggrin He is really wonderful, and although all (most) of you are guys, I would hope you may check him out..

Major Genres: Pop, Folk..? stuff like that..

Musically, SHOWTA. has amazingly beautiful and charming vocals that pair wonderfully with his song's melodies. He is sort of described as having a "Tenshi no Utagoe", or Angel's singing voice. It just sort of came to be as people couldn't really decide if his voice sounded like a woman's or more like a man's. So, it was just decided he sounds like an angel, and he really does. It's so gentle and soft, and can be so moving and powerful, but without losing the gentle beauty of it. One person on Youtube mentioned that Showta. sounds like "an uke blossoming in love".. and I find that quite amusing. XDD I personally can tell his voice masculine, but yes, it’s pretty borderline.

His music is bubblegum pop. I think of him, like a mix between Rythem and Negishi from DMC, except being cooler with it. It is pop, some of it pretty typical, but I also really think there is a nice addition of Folk and whimsy. His lyrics are pretty simple and mostly deal with sweet love and innocent stuff like that, which I really like from time to time. And the melodies are fitting with warm sincerity. Most of his songs contain little more than the keyboard which really lets SHOWTA.'s vocals shine through. Usually, I need a range of instruments to let there feel like a song is "complete" or "full" to let me fully enjoy it, but really SHOWTA. is the star and you don't need much else.

A majority of his singles feature more catchy, typical but still delightful pop tracks. While, his b-sides showcase the more touching and delicate aspects of Showta.

Here are explanations of some of his songs:

  • 願い星.WMA (5.91 Mb) “Negai Boshi”: It's a very touching and emotional track with beautiful violin and piano with a powerful chorus. This is his first single.
  • ため息ボタン.WMA (6.17 Mb) “Tame iki botan” : Softer and impossibly nostalgic. I just truly adore this song. Many of SHOWTA.’s songs just fill me with soo much nostalgia and warmth.. Other songs that fill my “nostalgia need” are ゆびきり“yubikiri” and 私の春がはじまる“watashi no haru ga hajimaru”.
  • ソーセージ “Sausage” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8TSejk1WGg (yes, this is the name of the song XD): It's so catchy, but still extremely easy-listening. SHOWTA.'s vocals are so smooth and superb in this song (as usual ;)) which really helps it flow so nicely.
  • Trans-winter~冬のむこう側~ “Trans-winter~fuyu no mukou gawa~” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7J8u13OKFI : Extremely catchy. This is the fastest track SHOWTA. has and I love it!! In the background, the keyboard is so appropriate for winter with the faint tinkling sound of snow falling. I love the video~
  • ひとしずく”Hitoshizuku” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9zAJaMInSI : A lovely traditional Japanese sounding song but a powerful chorus (which is also displayed in several other songs.) Besides pop and folk, traditional Japanese instruments and melodies appear to be mildly incorporated in some of his songs too, like 春なのに “Haru na no ni”.
  • 願い星 (winter version).WMA (5.80 Mb) “Negai Boshi (winter version)”: A gentler version of Negai Boshi. Most of the violin and piano are replaced with just the keyboard. It's not as warm and rich as the original, but it's extremely nice in a different way. It shows the lovely crispness of winter and I imagine the sparkling of the snow and the flash of Christmas decorations, it's very nice and displays the beauty and subtlety of winter.

Consistently through 2006, 2007 and 2008, SHOWTA. (..and yes, it's all caps with the period lol) has been releasing single after single, then his debut album in March 2008, but since then, nothing has really been released.. He did have a single titled "Ekubo" released in February of this year, but it was just a digital release, with no way for myself and other non-Japanese to buy.. waahh ;__; I seriously have no idea what is going on, but it stinks.. He isn't very-well known or popular, but it's a shame. He really has a lot going for him and I wish for him to become bigger and better well known!! razz

So, I hope you check his stuff out, he is great and I think enjoyable for guys and girls!

Check out his OHP for more info.!!: http://www.showta.jp/

And.. here's his blog to see more cute pictures and more random info.!: http://showta.eplus2.jp/

...Have questions, comments, needs to spam about the cutie known as SHOWTA.? Clickie here and spam the forums! :D http://otakuanime.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2787

..and Melly Chlistmas!! santa

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