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Dokidokisaseru: Tales of Flight

posted by Phelen on Mon 09 of Jan, 2006 [02:30 UTC]

I managed to survive the arduous 14 hour flight over to Kansai Airport in Osaka, though it we were pretty quick about it (managed to get into the airport about a half hour before we were scheduled). I was sitting next to two Japanese people who didn't speak any English (well, they knew how to say "thank you", anyway) and I had a small but very very drawn out conversation (or conversations as it may be) and I found out that they live in Nara and were visiting her older brother who lives in Boston. They visited New York while they were at it, too. Three in flight movies and a lot of extra time later I stepped off the plane and had my first glimpses of Japan (Clouds seemed to be everywhere during the flight, so I didn't get to see much from the sky). There are a lot of mountains just about everywhere you look. It's something that you can understand and explain perfectly until you've seen it in person. Much like my inability not to wince when I see cars driving on the left side of the road. I think I'm beggining to get used to it, though.

Customs wasn't nearly as bad as I feared it might be. I was ushered into the 'gaijin'(foreigner) line and after waiting a little while was processed so fast I was still spinning my eyes.

Continue on for pictures.

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