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Procrastination to the Max!

posted by Phelen on Wed 29 of Mar, 2006 [14:28 UTC]

Well, here I am writing again. Well, I was mostly finished writing this post when my computer decided to be stupid and hit the back button on its I have to start over. Please forgive me as I am going to go over most everything with a featherduster, so to speak.

To update you on the lask three week, I will start on the weekend I went to Hiroshima with my friends. We had an awsome time, and between getting lost on the bus/street cars, trying to find a hotel to stay at, and having to survive the 7 hour plus trip just getting there, we somehow took the funniest picture I've seen, visited a kung-fuey shinanigan inspiring Sekkeien Gardens, and over all had the time of our lives. As for the funniest picture I've ever seen...just look at this, and know that it wasn't edited in any way (other than the elaborite bordering Scott gave it). The poor woman just stepping into the picture, realized it, and had time to look shocked before the picture was taken... so see for yourselves;

The next week was filled with much studying and getting wet too often for my liking. Thursday I got drenched on my way to hang out with my host family, Friday (yay I was dry!) I met up with Shinnichi-san at a very cool restaurant that has cheap and good food, went on a feild trip Saturday that consisted of seeing many rock gardens, a real garden, and getting wet again. Sunday came and went and was spent doing chores and writing papers in Japanese and English. Monday, Scott, Shinnichi-san, Sugimoto-san, and I all went to a Karaoke bar and had a blast singing a variety of songs for four hours. I think I killed my voice in the first couple Guns and Roses songs, though.

Tuesday was like Sunday.... And so I will fast forward to Friday, when Scott and I made our way to Tokyo. A very large city...and furter away than Hiroshima from Hikone. We spent Friday night finding the capsule hotel and otherwise getting our bearings. Saturday, we woke up and prompltly visited Tokyo tower (which isn't quite the same as they draw the interior of it in Anime...). It was very high, and mostly lacked the expansive plass floors of other such buildings....until we found there was another floor to the main observation deck. That's also where we found some "soft cream" aka soft serve ice cream in a cone that was shaped like Tokyo tower. The Strawberry stuff was pretty good. From there we walked over to the imperial gardens. We met a nice guy who knew a little English and wanted to practice. So we had close to an hour English and Japanese conversation. We then left to check out the Ginza shopping district but we blanched at the prices, and so fled back to Akihabara, where we spent too much money for our own good. I did get a spiffy new camera for really cheap. I also got a picture taken with some cosplayers who were walking down the street. Stefan...that one's for you.

Sunday we wandered about ueno (a section of Tokyo) and saw a lot of museums (the greatest concentration of museums in Japan, actually) at ueno park. There was also a Sakura festival going on, so there were a lot of stands set up selling food and offering different entertainments, like paper scooping fish. I can make my own I'm sure many of you avid anime watchers know to what I am refering to, however. There were many different games.

That was all the time we had in tokyo, so we left to get back to Hikone at a decent hour. Since then schoolwork has again devoured my soul. It has left enough space for one other thing, though; ping pong. I have become so much better at ping pong since I've stayed in Japan that it's like night and day.

I'll try and find time to update my blog pictures tommorrow, but tonight I've had it. Writing a blog entry for three weeks is tiring without having to do it twice.

Thanks for your patronage, Keith

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