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Hiya minna-san! ^^

posted by sabokappa on Fri 27 of Feb, 2009 [02:43 UTC]

Hi everyone!mrgreen Sabokappa here!!

Finally, GREAT thanks to Jon, I will be writing Jpop reviews, recommendations etc.. to hopefully share my love of great music many people sadly are unknowledgeable about, except maybe for anime tunes...neutral

There is such a wonderful array of Japanese music with tons of different genres that is seemingly forgotten and ignored, (I guess the fact it's a different language than English kinda helps cause this though.. oh well..confused hee hee..)

Well, I'll be working on reviews asap, and hope to get to posting some soon! *(^^)* But, if there's anything specific you guys may want me to review, I'll work on it, and if it's a band i'm unfamiliar with etc.. I'll try to do some research and shed some light on it!

Well, I'm real excited to post and I hope everyone can find a band or artist you come to really love, because there's ton to love!!

see ya!(ノ'ヮ')人(ヮ`*ヽ)☆★


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