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Episode of the なまけもの(namakemono/lazy person)

posted by Phelen on Mon 06 of Mar, 2006 [09:27 UTC]

Wow...can we all say slacker?

It's been a while but I did try to update the last post until I realized that no one would read it if I didn't just make it a new post. So please read the little addition to the last one as well before starting this entry.

As usuall I've been doing a lot of studying and homework for my Japanese class, but on the other side, I've likely spent as much time a day eating and preparing my food. That is to say that I don't often go out to eat. It's expensive, though I suppose you can find going out less expensive here than in America, if you know where to look. The thing that helps out the most in that aspect is the lack of tipping in Japan. The service here is better for the lack of tips, too. Perhaps we should implement such a policy in America.... Oh how the waitresses would revolt. Then again, this would mean that they might recieve a decent salary in exchange...yeah, wishful thinking, right?

Enough of my pointless rambling? I guess I'll get down to my last few weeks.

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